Luggage history and the art of packing exhibition
Parsons the New School for Design, 2007

Project brief: Taking the world as a museum, a vintage suitcase was used as the site of the exhibition. (a traveling exhibition that travels) Visuals and text were researched and ironed onto the multiple flaps of the suitcase.

1 A cohesive timeline of the evolution of luggage (from 1300s–2000s) is devised.
2 The timeline that continues throughout 2 flaps is accompanied by color systems and illustrations as well as highlighted sections.
3 The timeline is followed by a pocket in which a new section is revealed: The various types of luggage designs and casings such as shoe boxes, bandboxes, traveling kits etc.
4 The exhibition ends with an interactive “How to Pack” section whereby the viewer is enticed to learn about the different packing techniques.