Parsons the New School for Design, 2007

Project brief
: Lost and Found (A Journey Through a Public Space)
Using your place of residence as the starting point, walk randomly toward any direction (preferably a route that you've never taken before) within exactly 10 minutes of your home and choose a street section within this area that will serve as the basis of your visual study. Return to your site as often as you can to establish a relationship with it and note how it evolves over a period of time. Two posters will be produced:
Phase 1: Lost — Figure out ways to generate new insights about your terrain. Be prepared to encounter surprise, culture shock, discomfort, and perhaps a genuine sense of well being throughout different stages of your inquiry. Visualize findings and experiences of a new place in the form of a poster.

Phase 2: Found — Ideally, the experiences of the first phase will evolve into the second phase where familiarity will be acquired with the respective area. Visualize reaction/connection to this site.

Execution: I took pictures and wrote short excerpts during the two phases of my journeys. Then, I composed a prose that spanned across both the posters (left–'Lost' and right–'Found') juxtaposed with layers of cropped/manipulated photographs.

Size: 12" X 18"