Chairs: Anthropomorphized
Various locations in China, 2011

Semantically, an everyday object is deeply-rooted with symbolism between its form and function. Linguistically, such a cross-over is exemplified by the personification of meaning within words, for example: “She penned her thoughts” or “She slowly spooned the custard into her mouth” or “He roped himself around the great idea”. Such objects’ sense of purpose is materialized when used by people. They are designed to be used. But, what happens when the pen pens itself, the spoon spoons itself or the rope ropes itself? When exploring the streets of China, I've stumbled upon these chairs and stools that are simply casually lounging around. Without their occupants, they somehow assume an anthropomorphic image. To me, these chairs are essentially like people chilling out on the streets; a commonplace activity of the Chinese people. The streets are very much the extension of their living rooms/homes.