What Would You Buy With $50?
Givology, 2010 in collaboration with Jiashan Wu

Project: In December 2009, Jiashan Wu, New York based artist/designer, and Joyce Meng, founding CEO of Givology traveled to Uganda to visit the Circle of Peace School, a school that provides free education and housing to kids from the villages. They asked more than 100 kids in Uganda, from rural villages to the sprawling capital city, to draw what they would buy with $50. Over three weeks, they collected 163 drawings and portraits of the children, along with countless video interviews, photographs, and profiles. Each drawing and portrait of the kids were for sale for $50. The proceeds raised through this campaign will help provide free education to more village kids through the expansion of the Circle of Peace School.

Process: With a minimal budget, both Jiashan Wu and I sat down to conceptualize the spatial design of the exhibition. Utilizing everyday objects and recycled materials, we transformed the rented space into an easily-navigated photo gallery by creating a cross-referencing grid system between the photographs and drawings using colored stickers.

Painted the title wall with Jonathan Correira and designed the exhibition invites, $50 tags as well as promotional postcards. Added assistance from Candice Ralph and Jessica Moon.

Photos: Jiashan Wu + Jan Remetir